Kanye West’s influence on hip hop and music in general is undeniable. It’s not at all surprising to me that he is a lot of people’s favourite artist ever. To this day he has an intensely dedicated army of stans, some of which will probably read this. If Kanye stans all rallied together to form a military power, I have no doubt they could probably defeat New Zealand in a war. I understand this completely, the dude’s a visionary, and in 2016 Kanye West was my most listened to artist on Spotify. I have had this man’s figurative musical cock…

Imagine this, it’s 2019, and you are a fan of rap music. You keep up with new releases, you maybe post about the artists you like, maybe you have some favourites. There is no better time to be you right now. It feels like every week some of the most insightful writers on the planet come out with a fresh new perspective on the way the world works, and what it’s like to be them. Or they come out with a banger that you can play at your next barbecue with the lads. Life is Good! Occasionally something is a…

Hayden Fisher

Hello! I’m a up and coming young writer from Wellington, New Zealand. You can tell I’m a badass because I write shitty essays

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